Advantages of vivoFlow - WBP
Reduce Acclimation Time and Collect Data Sooner
Amber tinted chamber reduces acclimation time and variability between baseline values. Mice do not typically see amber wavelengths which allows them to quickly adjust to the chamber and settle into a quiet breathing pattern. 
Simple Operation
Removable bucket chamber and removable hinged lid allows fast cleaning, easy placement and removal of subjects.
Fully Integrated System
Separate module encloses sensitive components preventing risk of damage while allowing easy removal and cleaning.
Improved Data Reproducibility
Patented concentric pneumotachograph improves noise cancellation.
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Whole Body for Freely Moving Conscious Subjects
In unrestrained whole body plethysmography (vivoFlow - WBP), the spontaneously breathing subject moves freely within a small, closed plethysmograph chamber. 
Head Out for Restrained Subjects
In head-out plethysmography (HOP), the subject is conscious, spontaneously breathing, and situated in a conical restraint. The conical restrainers follow the animal’s head shape.
Double Chamber for Restrained Subjects
In double chamber plethysmography (DCP), the head-out set-up is complemented with a head chamber, permitting delivery and containment of aerosolized compounds along with measurements of the specific airway resistance (sRaw) and conductance (sGaw) in a conscious subject.
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