On-demand software training

Perfect your analysis abilities in time to jump back into your research projects

emka TECHNOLOGIES is offering on-demand trainings for your software of choice, to help you refine your use and hit the ground running when returning to your lab.

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Learn more about your emka software of choice, through a remote training session on your own time and at your own place.


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Choose between already prepared basic or advanced content or work with an emka representative to build your own agenda of topics.



Schedule it for a time when multiple members of your team are available to augment training.



Record the session to have as a resource to train current and future employees.

For each of the software below,

enjoy these options as you personalize your training session.

  • Use your own data files for analysis (ecgAUTO and IOX) 
  • Choose between preset agenda (basic versus advanced topics) or create a custom itinerary with an emka TECHNOLOGIES representative
  • Record the training session to be reviewed by current and future employees
  • Relevant data files produced and TechNotes will be provided following the session as resources to review


ecgAUTO post-processing software allows fast analysis of cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological data, with full user control.

The agenda is tailored to your needs and experience. For instance:

  • Basic concepts
  • Loading a raw data file & performing a local analysis
  • Optimizing the library of ECG waveforms
  • Creating protocols
  • Exporting results & review previous analysis

Advanced trainings:

  • Using HRV module
  • Improving arrhythmia detection
  • Using the seizure module
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studyDESIGNER is a complete solution to manage data acquisition and analysis in safety pharmacology or toxicology studies.

  • Define your phases, sessions, subjects & groups
  • Review, validate and sign your templates
  • Perform data collection
  • Perform analysis
  • Store & archive your data
  • Review, edit and approve your data
  • Customize your report
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IOX2 software allows researchers to acquire, analyze, view, and store data generated during an experiment.

At the heart of IOX2 is a library of application-specific analysis modules for real-time signal processing. 

  • Create a configuration & assign function keys
  • Create a protocol
  • Calibrate inputs
  • Configure video recording
  • Run an acquisition
  • Create views and tune your analyzers
  • Save data & resume an acquisition
  • Replay & review function
  • PV loops module


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datanalyst software processes calculated and statistical parameters from files generated by IOX2 software.

  • Create dose-response curve
  • Automatic extraction of key points
  • EC50 computation
  • Kinetic points 
  • Group results
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