LoveLace Biomedical  & emka presentation at ASR 2019


Discussion on surgical techniques for ECG lead and blood pressure catheter implantation _____


September 26th, 2019


10:30 - 11:00 AM


TRACK 2 - Salon D


Proper Implantation technique is critical for quality signals in longitudinal studies
using telemetry devices


Sheila M. Alonzo, Senior Surgical Technician at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI)


About Sheila M. Alonzo

Sheila Alonzo is Senior Surgical Technician at LRRI, she performs large animal surgical procedures under veterinary supervision. She also investigates and develops new surgical and interventional procedures, assists with study protocols, and trains technical staff to assist in surgery. Mrs. Alonzo has 30 years of experience with animals and covers a variety of species such as rodents, rabbits, dogs, ferrets, NHP and swine.

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ASR 2019 Accepted Abstract

Proper Implantation Technique is Critical for Quality Signals in Longitudinal Studies using Telemetry Devices.




Large Animal Implants 

  • easyTEL implantable system transmits physiological data from conscious freely moving laboratory animals.
  • Physiological measurements are captured by a transmitter surgically implanted and wirelessly transmitted to a receiver within 3 to 5 meters distance.
  • Ability to group house up to 32 subjects in one area.


ECG Lead and Blood Pressure Catheter Implantation on dogs

The telemeter was placed subcutaneously in the right abdomen. Incisions were made at the 7th intercostal space left thorax, and the thoracic inlet on right thorax for ECG leads and right femoral area for blood pressure catheter placement. ECG leads were tacked to muscle bed while pressure catheter was passed into right femoral artery and secured.

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