Assessing airway responsiveness in response to aerosol challenges is the most frequently reported outcome for asthma research. When equipped with an integrated nebulizer, the flexiVent can be used to both deliver aerosol challenges to a subject’s lungs and follow the developing bronchoconstriction through automated data collection.


Referenced in thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications and  patents, our scientific instruments permit accurate and detailed measurements to complement and strengthen biochemistry or immunology data.  These measurements are conveniently combined into a robust and comprehensive pulmonary assessment, collected via a computer-controlled instrument that also maximizes reproducibility.


Check out our interview with Dr. Ian Davis. Research in the Davis lab is focused on the pathophysiologic effects of pulmonary viral infections as well as how viral infections exacerbate diseases like asthma and cystic fibrosis.

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Preclinical models for COVID-19


SCIREQ has been working with BSL-3 facilities who study COVID-19 and other pathogens. These researchers have been using the flexiVent to develop, validate, and test their preclinical models of COVID-19.

Dr. Michael Diamond and Dr. Adam Bailey at Washington University in St. Louis worked with the flexiVent system on a COVID-19 mouse model in their recent publication:


Learn how our preclinical respiratory equipment can help advance the understanding of asthma and infectious respiratory diseases. 

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