SCIREQ and emka TECHNOLOGIES introduces the new integrated Cigarette Smoking Robot - CSRi.

It offers all of the functionality of its predecessor, with many additional advantages including 

full field-serviceability!



CSRi white background


Improvements to Major Components for Easy Cleaning
and Prolonged Durability




No need for lighter refurbishments 

Easy replaceable lighting elements providing better contact with cigarettes


Better placement and alignment with the lighter

Slots specifically designed for research cigarettes

Exhaust Fan

No more manual adjustments

Fan speed is controlled through flexiWare Software

Controller Module

Eliminating the need to return
to SCIREQ for refurbishment

Electronics are completely contained in the module and are easily exchangeable onsite
No more ash on the lighter element Features controlled cigarette ejection


Can be emptied mid-experiment without interruption

Easily removable magnetic ashtray

Reduce user error 

Alarms within the flexiWare Software notify user about changes in experimental conditions

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SCIREQ Cigarette Smoking Device Options


3 Devices Available

The inExpose is a versatile, programmable, and compact exposure system that can be configured with smoke generation devices or nebulizers to generate a wide range of exposures consistently within and between studies, as well as across laboratories.


Single Cigarette Chamber    -    Cigarette Smoking Robot    -    E-cigarette Vape Generation 

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