About the Presentation

This comprehensive 22-page presentation explores two specific case studies using the NPFE (Negative Pressure Forced Expiration) extension for the flexiVent FX, to complement classical and detailed mechanics outcomes with clinically-relevant measures of forced expiration in various disease models.

Presentation sections:

  • About the NPFE Extension
  • Important Considerations for FEV
  • Equipment Diagrams
  • The FEV Manoeuvre
  • NPFE Outcomes
  • Parameters and Pertubations
  • Case Study 1: Lung Function in Mouse Fibrosis Models
    • Model Development
    • Flow-Volume Curves
    • FEV and FVS Results
  • Case Study 2: FEV Measurements in Mouse Models of Obstructive and Resistive Lung Diseases
    • The Quick-Prime Manoeuvre
    • Deep Inflation and PV Loop
    • FOT Measurements
    • Flow-Volume Curves: Fibrosis, Emphysema
    • FEV Results
    • Airway Hyperresponsiveness
    • Flow-Volume Curves: Naive, ALI, Asthma

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