Discontinued products


Old product Recommended replacement Date of discontinuation
easyMATRIX4 and 16 easyMATRIX3 2017
SET4 emkaBATH4 2010
Analog amplifier usbAMP 2011
MYO1/MYO2 emkaMYO2 2010
ecgCALIBRATOR Phantom320 2018
emkaPACK3G, emkaPACK ToE emkaPACK4G 2012
nibpSNAPSHOT usbAMP or emkaPACK4G January 2020


emka TECHNOLOGIES supports hardware at least 5 years after the discontinuation date.


emka software version Windows 10 compatibles


Software IOX ecgAUTO datanalyst emkaSUITE
Version Windows 10 compatible ≥ ≥ ≥ ≥


Note: Older versions of the above software are no longer supported.