Discontinued products


Old product Recommended replacement Date of discontinuation
easyMATRIX4 and 16 easyMATRIX3 2017
SET4 emkaBATH4 2010
Analog amplifier usbAMP 2011
MYO1/MYO2 emkaMYO2 2010
ecgCALIBRATOR Phantom320 2018
emkaPACK3, emkaPACK ToE emkaPACK4G 2012
Legacy Whole Body Plethysmograph mice vivoFlow January 2020
nibpSNAPSHOT usbAMP or emkaPACK4G January 2020
Legacy Whole Body Plethysmograph rat vivoFlow January 2022
emkaPACK4G emkaPACK5 March 2023
easyTEL-M easyTEL+ M February 2024


emka TECHNOLOGIES supports hardware at least 5 years after the discontinuation date.


emka software version Windows 10 compatibles


Software IOX ecgAUTO datanalyst emkaSUITE
Version Windows 10 compatible ≥ ≥ ≥ ≥


Note: Older versions of the above software are no longer supported.