SOT & ToxExpo 2019 Exhibitor Hosted Session


Citoxlab & emka TECHNOLOGIES

Recent Advances in ECG Analysis for ProArrhythmia Risk Assessment: The Need to Read Between the Lines

In the last 5 years, FDA has actively characterized innovative ECG analysis methods for proarrhythmia assessments in clinical trials. ECG is a cornerstone of cardiac safety monitoring in toxicology and safety pharmacology with similarities between clinical and non-clinical evaluations. The session will compare well established ECG analysis methods used in toxicology with novel strategies that may offer lower false positive rates. Critical success factors in the analysis of pre-clinical ECGs will also be discussed.


WHEN:         March 12, 2018  /  12:00 - 13:00

WHERE:       SOT & ToxExpo 2019, Baltimore Convention Center / Meeting Room 337

SPEAKER:    Simon Authier, DVM, MBA, PhD, DSP - Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, Citoxlab North America



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