Implanted telemetry products warranty

All material delivered by emka TECHNOLOGIES has a warranty against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment (as evidenced by receipts or other documentation).

emka TECHNOLOGIES will repair or replace equipment that proves to be defective during the warranty period. This warranty covers parts and labor.

The warranty becomes invalid if the material is not used in accordance with this document.

We are confident in the reliability and the quality of our implantable products, with the growing expertise and efforts put in the implant design, manufacturing and testing. emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a different warranty specifically tailored to each digital and analog implant.

We guarantee the functioning of our implantable devices with respect to the two durations defined below:

- Global warranted time (GWT): this duration is the total warranted period after the product has been shipped to the user facility.
- Battery ON time (BOT): this duration refers to days of continuous recording.


If within the defined warranted period the device stops functioning according to specifications described in this document, emka TECHNOLOGIES would compensate the customer.

emka TECHNOLOGIES only covers unexpected failures occurring in the frame of a regular usage (no physical, chemical, logical or electric/electrostatic damage to implanted device).

Usage of implantable material for signal recording and data gathering outside the warranted period as defined below, would be made consciously at users own risk.

Here is a summary of the warranted durations per implant type:

Model Global warranted time (months) Battery on time (days)
easyTEL+ L_TA 12 285
easyTEL+ L_PTA 12 190
easyTEL+ L_ETA 12 160
easyTEL+ L_EPTA 12 110
easyTEL+ L_EPPTA 12 80
easyTEL+ L_EEPTA 12 85
easyTEL+ L_EEPPTA 12 60
easyTEL+ L_EEEETA 12 105
easyTEL+ M2_TA 12 150
easyTEL+ M2_PTA 12 60
easyTEL+ M2_ETA 12 70
easyTEL+ M2_EPTA 12 50
easyTEL+ M1_TA 12 150
easyTEL+ M1_PTA 12 60
easyTEL+ M1_ETA 12 70
easyTEL+ M1_EPTA 12 50

Battery on time is given for a data rate set to “high” and for standard sampling frequencies (Biop.: 500 Hz, except EEEETA @ 250Hz; Pressure 1: 250Hz; Pressure 2: 500 Hz).
If this standard sampling configuration was adjusted by the user to better fit the experimental needs, the remaining time of battery life would be recalculated to reflect the actual power consumption of the chosen configuration. In this case, the “Remaining time” value displayed in the acquisition software would be the only indicator of the new BOT to be considered.


Model Global warranted time (months) Battery on time (days)
easyTEL M-CTA 12 135
easyTEL M-ETA 12 135
easyTEL M-TA 12 135
easyTEL S-ETA 12 90
easyTEL S-TA 12 90


In return, emka TECHNOLOGIES will request that data illustrating device identification and proof of failure is provided before any decision concerning compensation. Mandatory information and evidence will be needed such as:

  • - Implant serial number
  • - Date of implantation
  • - ON or REMAINING time of the last IOX acquisition or best estimation of the ON or REMAINING time thanks to data providing from devices of the same implantation and experimental batch
  • - Evidence of failure such as: acquisition file (.mkt) exhibiting signals issue, illustrative screenshots of digitalTELEMETRY Configuration Panel, hardware description file…

emka TECHNOLOGIES asks defective hardware to be returned to emka TECHNOLOGIES for further investigation and testing before sending replacement device. A return authorization form will be provided to users prior to equipment return in our facility. If any evidence of mishandling was to be found, emka TECHNOLOGIES will decline to replace the implant.

emka TECHNOLOGIES believes that the information provided in this document is accurate. Our document has been reviewed for technical accuracy. In the event that technical or typographical errors exist, emka TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to make changes to subsequent editions of this document without prior notice to holders of this edition. The reader should contact emka TECHNOLOGIES if errors are suspected.