Understanding the flexiVent Measurements

The flexiVent combines all industry-standard measurements in one device, meaning you don't need to choose between Resistance / Compliance and PV Loops, or the Forced Expirations outcomes.

This document provides technical as well as physiological descriptions of the flexiVent perturbations / manoeuvres used to assess lung function in preclinical respiratory models. The usefulness of each family of pertubations / manoeuvres is also highlighted and examples of research applications where each can be used are included:


  • Deep Inflation
  • Single Frequency FOT: Resistance & Compliance
  • Broadband FOT: Quick Prime, unique to the flexiVent
  • Pressure - Volume Loops
  • Force Expired Manoeuvre (NPFE)
  • Lung Volumes: unique to the flexiVent



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