vivoflow-1024x1024Plethysmography is a standard method for studying pulmonary function in conscious, spontaneously breathing laboratory subjects.

The barometric plethysmography technique measures flow and pressure changes that occur while the subject is breathing, before and after exposure to a drug, or other challenges. It is easily adapted to various subject sizes and species and is often used for longitudinal studies where the subjects are studied for multiple hours on successive experiment days

Since subjects are freely moving, variability can occur in the collected data as outside influences can affect the experimental data quality. It is strongly recommended to acclimate animals to the experimental set-up and procedures. 

Guidelines for Preparation of Animal Research - Subject Acclimation

This guide includes:

  • Guidelines on preparing subjects for conscious measurements using plethysmography 
  • Additional notes on double chamber plethysmography
  • Simplified Case Study
  • Other resources

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